Scared, Petrified, and Somewhere In Between

The difference between fear and annoyance, between surprise and expectation, between mentally ill and purely deranged, between nervous and traped, and between scared and petrified

I know exactly what you’re thinking. The title already has you confused as its an opinion rather than a statement. However you’d be surprised to know that I am not the only one that is so insistent that horror movies, aside from the lamer B movies, are better back in the day than they are today.

Many of todays horror flicks are built for actual audiences. Meaning these films are coming in todays day and age are more linked to what real people already fear rather than creating new ones. There’s only so much one can do with someones fear that they already have. Example if someone is afraid of Clowns and a horror movie comes out about clowns, chances are that person is already going to be scared if a clown so much as appears on the screen. Also many of the ‘crappier’ horror films aren’t real horror films. . .they are simply thrillers with blood, guts, and naked women.

Though Ive mentioned his work in many blogs before lets go back to Hitchcock shall we. Though he was a master at suspense he knew the difference between a good thriller and a good scare. Before Physco and the Bird’s release not many people had a fear of shower curtains or a flock of birds. However after those films became a hit all of that changed. That’s true horror. . .transforming what someone wouldn’t have even noticed before into something that makes them shiver with our nerves.

‘Boys of the City’ and ‘Spooks on the Loose’ are two of my favorite horror films for several reasons. One reason being Im an obsessive East Side Kids and Bowery Boys fan. Second reason being they were also two comedic films. Third reason is those two films were actually in fact scary. They were in a large, old, and cold house in the middle of nowhere when people begin to die. . .they didn’t need to show naked women, use obscene language or discover the house is on an ancient burial ground like some of the other horror films of today. Even in ‘Spooks On The Loose’ they already knew the house wasn’t haunted but just someone trying to scare them out of the house and the environment itself was just scary.

One of the things that inspired me to write this blog was one night when my family and I were having our Saturday movie night and watch Svengoolie he played ‘The Uninvited’ 1944 version.  I had seen the film before and loved it. It wasn’t the best horror movie Id seen I’ll admit but even its crappy effects made it a better horror film than most of the others that are coming out today. Even in a horror movie like that I found some kind of comfort in the happy ending.

Now of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this old soul is sticking with hers. 9177h9pqpl-_sl1500_