And I thought It Was Mr. Banks Whom Mary Poppins was supposed To Save…

‘Winds in the East, breeze blowing in like something is brewin…aboutto begin. Cant put my finger on what lies in store but I feel whats to happen all happened before.’

Being of English descent and familiar with childrens stories, the film Mary Poppins was always popular in our home. A few years back when the film ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ was released I was delighted at the idea of Mary Poppins related film splashing into cinema for the first time decades. The film revolved around the author P.L. Travers and her early childhood in Australia. Its so ironic that I used to wonder a horrible life it must be for someone so young to see what happened to her father. At the time of viewing the film the character of the father was nothing more than a drunk to me. Now today a few years later viewing the film i see the father in a completely different light.


Travers Goff, father of the Mary Poppins author, suffered greatly. A happy married life with children and a promising career couldn’t even save him. Perhaps he was not even meant to flourish in this life, but perhaps in the next. During the day he was trapped managing a bank, that was his job. He hated money for he knew just how much it controlled people, robbing them of lifes true beauty. How tormenting it must be to work with something you hate so much yet must pretend to love. His soul and mind were so creative though. His eldest daughter took on his strong trait of creativity which empowered their connection even more so. At one point he and his daughter sat on the riverside and he warns her on not to give into the ways of the world. ‘This world is just an illusion. ‘ He reminds her to keep dreaming and not let the struggles of reality control her.


I finally see what he was talking about. As blessed as I am to be a storyteller I must often come out of my head and deal with reality. The earth itself is still so beautiful but the people inside of it can sometimes be ugly because theyve given into the ways of the world…money, greed, pride,…lies.


I now see what can happen to a creative mind when so close to being torn apart. Its like a battle in the mind between good and evil…that kind of battle can take a toll on the human body eventually. Poor Travers Goff was so drained fighting a battle no one knew nothing about. ..and only few could understand if he tried to explain. Unlike Travers this is a battle i refuse to loose. My fears are many but one particular fear comes to mind. In the film Travers arrives home after a long day at the cold heartless bank that he manages to his daughter sitting on the porch day dreaming in her own world. He asks her all the details of the world she is dreaming about. She expresses to him that one day she wants to be just like him when she grows up. With tears in his eyes he looks into hers almost unbearably imagining how she could ever want to be like him. Then he remembers. ..that she knows nothing about the battle he fights. As the tears begin to release he kisses her hand and whispers ‘Don’t’ as if hes almost begging her not to.


I fear the day that I have such an interaction with my child. I fear the day that I hide my battles that they consume me leaving my children in mystery. I cant even fathom the pain Travors Goff felt when those same fears he had came to life.