Even when you’re not, you’re perfect.


This line of work that were in called Entertainment may not involve us saving lives or laying our life on the line for others but our jobs are still rather life altering. We dont always make it home in time for dinner. We may miss a soccer game or two. We may have forgotten our own anniversary. We may have had to leave the parent teacher conference early. Our children’s best friends parents may have never met us even though they see our own children more than we do. You get the picture.
This life isnt for everyone. Some people are not up to the challenge. More times than not during that production meeting, on that set, or at the premiere your eye will wander in a direction that it shouldn’t. Your eyes may have wandered to another man that isnt your husband. Maybe it was more than your eyes that wandered.
These are just a few of the many maybes you could come across when trying to balance work and home. Personally i chose work over marriage and children a long time ago and Im more than content with my decision. However if i ever did change my mind I cant help but want to live like Lucy and Desi. They didn’t end up very good i know and they faced all the struggles that I listed I know. Sometimes having those real struggles and still coming out on top makes you feel human. Id feel more human than your average American happy couple.
I often wonder what would Lucy and Desi end up like had they not be famous. Perhaps theyd end up happy and stress free. They’d be sitting on the porch of their home watching their grand children play in the sprinklers, sipping iced tea, holding hands, and basking in their endless love. Fame can break apart a persons soul and a persons family in a heartbeat. I guess Lucy and Desi’s marriage were victims to the fame monster.
Desi once said about Lucy, ‘I love Lucy because despite all evidence to the contrary, I still believe she loves me.’
This world wasn’t good enough for them in my opinion so they had to suffer being apart. They were on the same level of brilliance so strong that no other woman, no other man, or even fame could actually keep them apart forever. Perhaps in heaven theyre sipping their iced teas on their front porch, holding hands, basking in their endless love  and watching the sunset not bearing any ill thought on the human world behind them for tearing them apart.


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