This Makes Me Alive

lg-the-blessed-2The other night I found myself frustrated as I was putting away my clean laundry. I’m always neat and organized for the most part but I couldn’t fit my clothes into my drawer. Just as I was a bout to get annoyed and give up the thought struck me. . .I have so much clothes that I cant fit it into my drawer. (Yes we do make a trips occasionally to the Salvation Army along with goodwill to donate bags of clothes between the three of us.)

I have so much clothes that I cant fit it into my drawer./ Some people only have one outfit if that.

We have food in our fridge and pantry along with cookbooks./ Many can’t afford a stove or a fridge let alone have food.

We have cars to bring us to work and doctor appointments./ Others take the bus.

I’m saving up for proper audio and lighting equipment./ Others are trying to make rent.

My degree sits on my drawer in the way of my TV sometimes./ People are fighting to get into school.

I have to clean the pool this weekend./ Most of my friends have to go to the neighborhood public pool.

My parents always take each others sides in the rare occasion of an argument./ My parents are alive and love me just as much as they love each other because all my friend’s parents are divorced.

I have to wake up early for church./ I live in a country where I’m allowed to go to church. (Hoping it stays that way too.)

These are all just some of the things I pondered about while standing in my room with a handful of clean laundry. My moment of frustration quickly turned into one of my highest moments of gratitude.

Psalm 118:24

This is the day The Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 


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