Aye, The Pirate Heart

Gore-Verbinski-with-Geoff-001July 3, 2003 I was 11 years old and my dad took me to a summer movie. I did not want to see this movie because my girl phase was kicking up and I would have much rathered more of a girl film. At first I didn’t like Pirates of the Caribbean at all. I saw it a second time and something magical had happened. The action, the sets, the costumes, and the timing in general had me so excited with every moment. I even remember at the end of the film when he credits rolled and Johnny Depp’s named appeared on the screen I looked over at my mom and dad to say, ‘Johnny Depp? Who was he in this movie?’ He had done such a superb job with Captain Jack that I didn’t even recognize him! The rest of that summer that was the film we would see more than any other. The school year came around, I was in a Christian Prepatory Academy, and the DVD was released. Before and after school I would not only watch the film but I would watch the special features. Watching how they made the film brought me into a world that I have yet to come out of. Gore Verbinski had the heart of a child while filming a pirate movie while Ted Elliot and Terry Rosario seemed to have become pirates while writing the script.

Heres the thing, all my life I wanted to be an actress but suddenly I wanted to be behind the camera. This film was such an epic on screen that I wanted to know every step of the process to making an adventure just like Pirates.

So ten years ago on July 3, 2003 I was an 11 year old kid who wanted to be an actress and now a filmmaker. Today July 3, 2013 seeing Lone Ranger I’m a 21 year old accomplished filmmaker, having received my diploma in film. Thanks to that team that brought me that movie they’ve changed me forever.


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