When The Days of Wine and Roses End

tumblr_md6iqqFKXX1qf4u8lo1_500Being a fan of mostly older actors, you know when men actually knew how to act, Jack Lemmon is near the top of the list. I may be a filmmaker but once I dreamt of being an actress. For now that dream if at the bottom of the list as my filmmaking takes up most of my time this year. Actors who are also known as comedians such as Larry Storch, Jack Lemmon, Robin Williams, Martin Short, Gene Wilder, and Harvey Korman inspire me when they are able to play both comedy and dramatic roles. That balance between two different sides of the spectrum has always fascinated me.  I had never seen the film ‘The Days of Wine and Roses’ starring Jack Lemmon before until Saturday night. Its about two people with a some what addictive personality marry but when their addiction is alcohol it destroys their entire life very, very slowly. This kind of plot doesn’t interest me hence I never wanted to watch it. I did watch it though. The film may have been okay to most people but to an artist the film has many hidden elements that makes it a great film. I understood and felt the film so much that maybe it was the late hour and my tired mind that gave me the idea of remaking it. That would be a huge challenge as a filmmaker, actor, and person. I once was an addict in college. I was 18 and the stress of school, work, and an unhealthy relationship turned me into something I swore I never would be, an addict. By the time I was 20 I had graduated college, was living in L.A. and doing well so eventually I shaked my habbit. It was an on and off lifestyle for a little over a year. That year felt like it was 10 years. The film’s ending leaves you with hope, it leaves you looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. The Days of Wine and Roses happen to almost everyone whether it be a drug, a drink, a food, or a person there can always be opportunity for addiction. If you’re lucky those days end and that’s when the new and clean life begins. That’s a beautiful feeling, trust me. Enjoy the film.


Aye, The Pirate Heart

Gore-Verbinski-with-Geoff-001July 3, 2003 I was 11 years old and my dad took me to a summer movie. I did not want to see this movie because my girl phase was kicking up and I would have much rathered more of a girl film. At first I didn’t like Pirates of the Caribbean at all. I saw it a second time and something magical had happened. The action, the sets, the costumes, and the timing in general had me so excited with every moment. I even remember at the end of the film when he credits rolled and Johnny Depp’s named appeared on the screen I looked over at my mom and dad to say, ‘Johnny Depp? Who was he in this movie?’ He had done such a superb job with Captain Jack that I didn’t even recognize him! The rest of that summer that was the film we would see more than any other. The school year came around, I was in a Christian Prepatory Academy, and the DVD was released. Before and after school I would not only watch the film but I would watch the special features. Watching how they made the film brought me into a world that I have yet to come out of. Gore Verbinski had the heart of a child while filming a pirate movie while Ted Elliot and Terry Rosario seemed to have become pirates while writing the script.

Heres the thing, all my life I wanted to be an actress but suddenly I wanted to be behind the camera. This film was such an epic on screen that I wanted to know every step of the process to making an adventure just like Pirates.

So ten years ago on July 3, 2003 I was an 11 year old kid who wanted to be an actress and now a filmmaker. Today July 3, 2013 seeing Lone Ranger I’m a 21 year old accomplished filmmaker, having received my diploma in film. Thanks to that team that brought me that movie they’ve changed me forever.