So Far In Such Little Time

IMG_2842I complain and fear that withe each age I won’t accomplish something big. So far in every age since 13 I’ve done something huge. But near everything birthday I fear that I won’t accomplish anything big. I was thinking about this as I was cleaning the garage today. Cleaning the garage is my new ‘personal’ project. Once everything is clean and organized I’ll install a television in there, move my treadmills and all my workout equipment in there, also my piano will be in there, and I’ll be putting a green screen in there. God must have heard me thinking this and I stumbled over a box that dropped another box on the floor and even the top ‘bounced’ off.

In this box I found memorbillia…it was incredible.

The first item was an Opera playbill. My dad knew my obsession for Opera as he also has a fondness for it so once a month during my homeschooling years from age 13 to 15 he took me to the Opera House.

The second item was a poster from The Ft Lauderdale Film Festival of 2008, I was the youngest at all the screenings, dinners, and awards. They all thought I was an actress since I was only 17 until my mother and mentor explained that I was more than an actress. At the time I was in film school and had already written 2 film scripts.

The third item was a behind the scenes badge when I visited a film school when I was 16 called Full Sail. 3 weeks later I was enrolled.

The fourth item was my college ID badge. I had gone through so many professional and personal tribulations I never thought I’d finish school, but I did :).

The fifth item was a badge at a buisness symposium that focused on the entertainment arts. My mom was involved with her enteratinment law so she was on one side of the room. I was involved with my filmmaking so I was on the other side. Later that day when we went to a movie in the same building in downtown Orlando. One of the sponsors who saw the same movie we did said to us, ‘Its so great that you guys got to know each other so well today that youre seeing a movie together!’ We both smiled. My mom replied, ‘I love working with this girl. Matter of the fact I really love her. She’s my daughter.’ He was shocked yet impressed.

Tonight I’ve realized that I have in fact come so far in such little time.



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