Through These Child’s Eyes

little girl in stange workOn my nightly walk this evening I passed some children on my way back home. I see them every night but I never say hello because I have a fear of children. What I mean is I have a fear of ever becoming a mother again since I’m committed to my career and working all the time is often unfair to a child. I said hello the dog that they were walking though.

‘Hello Priscilla.’ I said as I continued to walk.

‘Wait!’ the young girl insisted.

I stopped and turned.

‘You know this dog?’ she asked.

‘Why of course, that’s Priscilla, she’s your grandparent’s dog.’

The two girls looked at eachother.

‘What’s your name?’

‘Victoria Anne. ‘

‘You’re awfully pretty but how come you speak like youre from the old days?’

I laughed!

‘Thank you! Well I speak like this because I think like this. I’m also a bit of an old soul so I guess I sound different.’

‘Yea its too proper for me.’ She said.

Her mom was laughing just as hard as I was.

They asked me what Los Angeles was like, and what a filmmaker is, and what my current occupation is. I explained to them that I’m a writer. They asked me what a writer is.

‘Well think of me as a channel from my imagination to a screen, stage, or book.’

These girls were amazed just how much freedom you can have as a writer as I explained my daily routines to them. I’m now proud to say that these two girls started writing today and I’ll be seeing their work tomorrow.


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