Writer’s Spots in America (Top 5)

1311126203436992I wasn’t always serious about being a writer. I was never able to write about real elements until I matured and experienced life really. I didn’t realize how lucky I am to live in a writer’s element.

When one needs inspiration more often than not they need to physically walk and see the things around them, at least that’s how it often is for me. I was born and raised in the Miami area, moved to Orlando at 16 and lived back and forth between L.A. and Orlando for the past 2 years. If writing is your career, here are the most common places in America a writer will relocate to.

1)   Upstate New York

2)   New England

3)   Virginia

4)   Miami, FL

5)   Malibu, CA

New York and New England have a very peaceful territory for a writer. In most towns you can travel quickly for needs like groceries and wants like shops and restaurants.  Living off of a water area surrounded by mountains is very uplifting.

Virginia is filled with history so many writers who’s stories are set in the past find their spark in the green area.

Miami and Malibu are very different yet have so much in common. Any kind of beach environment can put your mind at ease even when dramas surround you. Most romantic novels travel at some point to a beach. Many indie artist record songs in studios in Malibu for the organic environment.

I recommend these places because I have been to all of them. So for anyone who is serious about their career I hope you will think hard before making the move to help you create more!


The photo is Sylvia Plath in 1956, not my photo of course.


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