After The Dream Comes True

wd1062A wish is what your heart desires when you’re fast asleep.

Disney is what inspired me to become an actress when I was a child. Before my mind was poisoned with the complicated dramas of films that I saw Disney was a big part of my life. It still is.

You see as a young child my life was so perfect and over the years my life is still perfect. Because of this I’ve become obsessed with never growing old. We decided in 2005 that we all loved Disney so much that we would move from the Miami area to Orlando just so we can be closer to Disney. We have yet to regret this decision.

I also have Disney to thank for when I need a creative push. Since the resort was designed and built by a man who originally was a filmmaker and storyteller the whole experience is much like an exciting film. The Disney experience is a creative high even for the non-creative mind. I have many friends who halted all of their plans even college just to work at Disney. People have laughed at them and felt sorry for them but really its my friends who feel sorry the ones who think that they are wasting their life at Disney. In this colorful world they see every day it never gets old, its no wonder that they are so happy.

I’m 21, I’m a filmmaker, I’m a story teller, I’m an adventurer, I’m an old soul, I’m a survivor, I’m happy and Disney is one of my inspirations. Image


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