So Goodnight Moon and All You made Me Do (Garden Project)

yardSo between my two jobs I love the outdoors. I walk every morning just before the sun goes up, have breakfast on the patio, work, and then when I write just before dusk I sit outside for the inspiration. Im a very DIY kind of person, I do all my own stuff from scratch mostly. Ive had some bad luck with most of my patio plants though..they seem to die most of the time. So I put two pots in my backyard. They both contain one mason jar and one coke bottle. In the mason jars there are fake jewels, flowers, and glow sticks. The coke bottles have only glow sticks.

The first pot reads:


The second pot reads:


It was a lovely project for a creative mind like me.


So Far In Such Little Time

IMG_2842I complain and fear that withe each age I won’t accomplish something big. So far in every age since 13 I’ve done something huge. But near everything birthday I fear that I won’t accomplish anything big. I was thinking about this as I was cleaning the garage today. Cleaning the garage is my new ‘personal’ project. Once everything is clean and organized I’ll install a television in there, move my treadmills and all my workout equipment in there, also my piano will be in there, and I’ll be putting a green screen in there. God must have heard me thinking this and I stumbled over a box that dropped another box on the floor and even the top ‘bounced’ off.

In this box I found memorbillia…it was incredible.

The first item was an Opera playbill. My dad knew my obsession for Opera as he also has a fondness for it so once a month during my homeschooling years from age 13 to 15 he took me to the Opera House.

The second item was a poster from The Ft Lauderdale Film Festival of 2008, I was the youngest at all the screenings, dinners, and awards. They all thought I was an actress since I was only 17 until my mother and mentor explained that I was more than an actress. At the time I was in film school and had already written 2 film scripts.

The third item was a behind the scenes badge when I visited a film school when I was 16 called Full Sail. 3 weeks later I was enrolled.

The fourth item was my college ID badge. I had gone through so many professional and personal tribulations I never thought I’d finish school, but I did :).

The fifth item was a badge at a buisness symposium that focused on the entertainment arts. My mom was involved with her enteratinment law so she was on one side of the room. I was involved with my filmmaking so I was on the other side. Later that day when we went to a movie in the same building in downtown Orlando. One of the sponsors who saw the same movie we did said to us, ‘Its so great that you guys got to know each other so well today that youre seeing a movie together!’ We both smiled. My mom replied, ‘I love working with this girl. Matter of the fact I really love her. She’s my daughter.’ He was shocked yet impressed.

Tonight I’ve realized that I have in fact come so far in such little time.


Through These Child’s Eyes

little girl in stange workOn my nightly walk this evening I passed some children on my way back home. I see them every night but I never say hello because I have a fear of children. What I mean is I have a fear of ever becoming a mother again since I’m committed to my career and working all the time is often unfair to a child. I said hello the dog that they were walking though.

‘Hello Priscilla.’ I said as I continued to walk.

‘Wait!’ the young girl insisted.

I stopped and turned.

‘You know this dog?’ she asked.

‘Why of course, that’s Priscilla, she’s your grandparent’s dog.’

The two girls looked at eachother.

‘What’s your name?’

‘Victoria Anne. ‘

‘You’re awfully pretty but how come you speak like youre from the old days?’

I laughed!

‘Thank you! Well I speak like this because I think like this. I’m also a bit of an old soul so I guess I sound different.’

‘Yea its too proper for me.’ She said.

Her mom was laughing just as hard as I was.

They asked me what Los Angeles was like, and what a filmmaker is, and what my current occupation is. I explained to them that I’m a writer. They asked me what a writer is.

‘Well think of me as a channel from my imagination to a screen, stage, or book.’

These girls were amazed just how much freedom you can have as a writer as I explained my daily routines to them. I’m now proud to say that these two girls started writing today and I’ll be seeing their work tomorrow.

Star by Richard Warren Rappaport

IMG_2727Here’s the cool news. The book STAR by Richard Warren Rappaport about insights on how to deal and work in the entertainment industry is now available for purchasing. If you read pages 99-100 you’ll find my advice coming from the viewpoint of a young filmmaker. This was written when I was 19 and had just finished film school. Hope you guys like it J This is the 1st book I’ve ever been mentioned it so it was great fun!

Writer’s Spots in America (Top 5)

1311126203436992I wasn’t always serious about being a writer. I was never able to write about real elements until I matured and experienced life really. I didn’t realize how lucky I am to live in a writer’s element.

When one needs inspiration more often than not they need to physically walk and see the things around them, at least that’s how it often is for me. I was born and raised in the Miami area, moved to Orlando at 16 and lived back and forth between L.A. and Orlando for the past 2 years. If writing is your career, here are the most common places in America a writer will relocate to.

1)   Upstate New York

2)   New England

3)   Virginia

4)   Miami, FL

5)   Malibu, CA

New York and New England have a very peaceful territory for a writer. In most towns you can travel quickly for needs like groceries and wants like shops and restaurants.  Living off of a water area surrounded by mountains is very uplifting.

Virginia is filled with history so many writers who’s stories are set in the past find their spark in the green area.

Miami and Malibu are very different yet have so much in common. Any kind of beach environment can put your mind at ease even when dramas surround you. Most romantic novels travel at some point to a beach. Many indie artist record songs in studios in Malibu for the organic environment.

I recommend these places because I have been to all of them. So for anyone who is serious about their career I hope you will think hard before making the move to help you create more!


The photo is Sylvia Plath in 1956, not my photo of course.


IMG_2651For those of you who don’t know or havent already figured it out, I am indeed an old soul. Lucille Ball is someone I admire and she along with The Three Stooges, Larry Storch, Ken Berry, Harvery Korman, Mel Brooks, and some others she is an influence of mine. I’ve done all the education I need and want for acting, film, modeling, singing, comedy, and so forth so now I love the freedom of being my own boss. She was a filmmaker, comedian, actress and so many more things that makes her quite the lady in my life.

Here are some pictures of my best friend and I at the I ❤ Lucy Museum in Universal Studios, FL. ImageImageImageImageImage

After The Dream Comes True

wd1062A wish is what your heart desires when you’re fast asleep.

Disney is what inspired me to become an actress when I was a child. Before my mind was poisoned with the complicated dramas of films that I saw Disney was a big part of my life. It still is.

You see as a young child my life was so perfect and over the years my life is still perfect. Because of this I’ve become obsessed with never growing old. We decided in 2005 that we all loved Disney so much that we would move from the Miami area to Orlando just so we can be closer to Disney. We have yet to regret this decision.

I also have Disney to thank for when I need a creative push. Since the resort was designed and built by a man who originally was a filmmaker and storyteller the whole experience is much like an exciting film. The Disney experience is a creative high even for the non-creative mind. I have many friends who halted all of their plans even college just to work at Disney. People have laughed at them and felt sorry for them but really its my friends who feel sorry the ones who think that they are wasting their life at Disney. In this colorful world they see every day it never gets old, its no wonder that they are so happy.

I’m 21, I’m a filmmaker, I’m a story teller, I’m an adventurer, I’m an old soul, I’m a survivor, I’m happy and Disney is one of my inspirations. Image