May…may be special :)




Well as of now I have two web series going. Finishing editing a script to pitch and debating if I should publish my book myself. It’s already done and now I need to decide the next step. There’s one other thing I have that’s going to POP up in May. Filming šŸ˜‰ Starting in less than 2 weeks set building will begin and my next short SPACE CRIMES will begin filming in April. I’ve decided to act in it hence I’m on a strict diet and by then I should look okay. I’m pretty excited!


So my first web series is Let Inspiration Leak a 20 episode series that centers around individuals who not only love their work/accomplishments but want other people to see how they can accomplish what they have. The next episode should be out in less than 2 weeks.


Then I have a new web series called ‘Movie Is The Ingredient.’ A series about movie themed dinner parties. The first episode will be out Feb. 8th šŸ™‚


Then the horror short I did in October will be out hopefully before summer time.


May – June will be the shooting months for SPACE CRIMES!


This is gonna be a special project..however I’m doubting myself as an actor and director at the same time. I may just use a different actress…


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