May…may be special :)




Well as of now I have two web series going. Finishing editing a script to pitch and debating if I should publish my book myself. It’s already done and now I need to decide the next step. There’s one other thing I have that’s going to POP up in May. Filming 😉 Starting in less than 2 weeks set building will begin and my next short SPACE CRIMES will begin filming in April. I’ve decided to act in it hence I’m on a strict diet and by then I should look okay. I’m pretty excited!


So my first web series is Let Inspiration Leak a 20 episode series that centers around individuals who not only love their work/accomplishments but want other people to see how they can accomplish what they have. The next episode should be out in less than 2 weeks.


Then I have a new web series called ‘Movie Is The Ingredient.’ A series about movie themed dinner parties. The first episode will be out Feb. 8th 🙂


Then the horror short I did in October will be out hopefully before summer time.


May – June will be the shooting months for SPACE CRIMES!


This is gonna be a special project..however I’m doubting myself as an actor and director at the same time. I may just use a different actress…


Anything Could Happen (The Panic Is Over)

Heads_of_Angels_-_Miss_Frances_Gordon)_by_Sir_Joshua_Reynolds,_PRAAll my life I’ve wanted to be an artist… a filmmaker. When I was 12 I made the serious decision to move to California when I turned 18. Even at that age my parents were supportive because they knew how much I loved film. They got me all these different materials on California so when I did move there at 19 I felt like it was home.

I was there on and off for a year. December of 2011 something happened with my family’s health and a few other reasons that I had to urgently come back to Florida. For a whole year while waiting on my several things ( familys health being one of them) all I did was talk about how moving to back to L.A. was the biggest thing this year because its the film capital.

It was finally time for me to leave (December 28 2012). Everything was perfect…no problems. However I was worried about my family because not all the health problems were cleared. I knew I needed to stay and be with them. I knew that. There was no doubt in my mind. They knew that..I knew that. But I left anyway. Arrived in L.A. dad had a very high fever…thats the worst thing for him. Him and I had a 2hour conversation about the future. As quickly as I moved back I bought a plane ticket to return home. My family needs me. I need them. They’re the ones who got me into filmmaking. They’re the ones who inspired me to never be normal and never settle for ordinary. My family as one is the image of happiness. I spent a lot of money moving back to L.A. and thats money Im not getting back but its ok. That price was so worth it for me to see what I wanted. It takes some people forever to figure out what they want…its taken me 21 years to see that I can still have an amazing career based in a city outside of L.A.


In terms of the future. I will travel to L.A. frequently for work and my family and I may TOGETHER get a second residence in L.A. I will still be there a lot and still working hard in this field that is my dream.

I’m happy. I never thought I would be anywhere except for L.A. ….but I am. Home is where my family is. I was so blind before.

Before I got on the plane I said to my dad. ‘I hope you can trust me that this is what I want. I’m sorry I didn’t see this before. But I know what I want. This world you and mom have given me is so beautiful that I just wanna make sure my time here is filled with happiness.’ He smiled and said to me, ‘You always will know you’re way home. No matter where you are in the world working on whatever movie you have to remember where you came from. I’m not talking about a city or a particular house I’m talking about your upbringing that keeps you as focused as you have been. Normal may be safe but the day I realized that your life was never going to be normal I stayed up all night. You’re making the right decision. You know exactly where you’re going. I love you.’

I know exactly where I’m going. I’ve been to so many beautiful places. I’ve seen so many beautiful things. This life, my life is nothing short of perfect. I’m only 21 and I have so many adventures to tell. I could die tomorrow and still say that I had a full life of everything I have ever wanted. Many adventures I have to tell…many more I have to go on.