How have the last 365 days changed you?

CIMG3363How have the last 365 days changed you?   I had this professor in film school that everyday began a lecture with a story and how the story related to what he’s experienced that got him to my college. I always wondered why he was at my school instead of in Los Angeles making films. He gave me some of the best advice. No one is his class was ever on their laptops…his words were too precious…too real. He was right about everything. The reason why I am doing my youtube series ‘Let Inspiration Leak’ is because if there is anybody out there like me who obsesses over art and bringing a story to life this series will speak to them and get them to get their ass up off the couch and join people like me to make movies. So how has the past 365 days changed you? 365 days ago I had been living in Los Angeles but had to return to FL for 4 weeks to finish my last college course. While I was here I was able to spend time with my family, take a birthday trip to New York, and gained courage to leave my partner. I’ve never been one to have too much of a private life…for the most part I’ve always been wrapped in school and work by choice…never had patience to be there for a boyfriend. I never had interest in children or marriage and my boyfriend always understood. So I did everything I needed to do while I was here and successfully left my boyfriend finally. On my 20th birthday my flight landed at LAX and I was back at my apartment back to my normal life. My job left also.  Due to various reasons mostly because I was pissed that the company I worked for shut down I got my cat in my car and drove to Florida 3 months later. My mom missed me so much…were close. My parents are so important to me. Coming back home happened for a reason…I kinda lost inspiration. Then I saw a couple of newly released movies, listened to some awesome music, read some awesome books, saw some captivating paintings, let my parents read a few of my emotions, took up night swimming, began a second career as a stock investor, spent some time with my Bible…and sure enough I got inspired. I became inspired to not only become a filmmaker…but an even more obsessive filmmaker and decided that Los Angeles would always be my home. In 6 weeks I’m getting in my car and moving to Malibu, CA so I can day-trade in peace and quiet where I can focus with the beach staring at me through my window. My name is Victoria Anne Parker I am a filmmaker, day-trader, enthusiast, daughter, sister, mother just to begin with. At almost 21 years old I have wanted to be an actress for 18 years, a filmmaker for 9 years, a singer for 7 years, a producer for 3 years. This isn’t just the beginning for me…it’s the beginning for you too.